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  • 26 februari 2021
    NFT’s? Non-fungible tokens… “… create proofs of authenticity for digital content that can be owned, bought, sold and traded. Because these tokens are stored […]
  • 25 februari 2021
    How Measuring and Reducing Emissions Has Become Its Own Business — BNN Bloomberg Watershed Technology Inc., which said Wednesday it has raised funding from […]
  • 24 februari 2021
    The Clubhouse App and the Rise of Oral Psychodynamics “In oral psychodynamics, the conversational, formulaic styling dominates (which aides memory) as well as back-and-forth, […]
  • 22 februari 2021
    Former Paypal founder Max Levchin is bringing another payment behemoth to the public markets. — The Generalist Affirm: hoe werkt het Buy Now Pay […]
  • 19 februari 2021
    Clubhouse’s Inevitability — Stratechery “Twitter captured the long-tail of blogs, in the process dramatically expanding the market for publishing text, but that by definition […]
  • 05 februari 2021
    AWS versus Google Cloud: 4-1 – Axios“Google’s revenue continues to grow, but so do its losses. Meanwhile, AWS continues to grow both the top […]
  • 4 februari 2021
    HubSpot is acquiring The Hustle – Axios “Hubspot has long invested in using content to help educate its existing and potential customers about business […]
  • 30 januari 2021
    Southwest Airlines reported its first annual loss since 1972 and said it would remain conservative with capacity through March, citing weak demand. American lost a […]
  • 28 januari 2021
    Stripe leidt een investeringsronde van 102 mio USD in Online Check-out start-up Fast — CNBC & TechCrunch “One click. No passwords. The world’s fastest […]
  • 27 januari 2021
    He Created the Web. Now He’s Out to Remake the Digital World. – NY Times “Pods,” personal online data stores, are a key technical […]
  • 26 januari 2021
    Ook Datavillage springt op de Solid trein. – De Tijd en Tech.eu “With a user-centric approach like Datavillage, organisations don’t need to spend as […]
  • 24 januari 2021
    Forbes launches massive expansion of paid newsletters – Axios“The idea is to create a platform that offers writers all of the marketing, editorial and […]
  • 21 januari 2021
    WTF is a SPAC? – Digimedia Jack Ma komt terug boven water – Business Insider
  • Belgische VC’s
    Risicokapitaal verschaffers in België. Belgische Venture Capital fondsen: 3d investorsA&M CapitalAconterra Capital PartnersAgri Investment FundAkilesAquasourçaBuysse & PartnersCapricorn PartnersCobepaDovescoDroia Oncology VenturesForce over MassFortinoFPIMGilde Equity ManagementGroup […]
  • 06 januari 2021
    Twitter acquires social podcasting app Breaker, team to help build Twitter Spaces — TechCrunch Apple App Store customers spent $1.8 billion in apps during […]