Interessante links en nieuws over ondernemen, technologie en media.

  • 31 maart 2021
    The a16z Marketplace 100: 2021
  • 24 maart 2021
    Wat is NewPassID? – DigiDay Who really runs the Internet? A lot of companies you rarely hear about. — WaPo
  • 18 maart 2021
    Amazon lanceert Amazon Care. “Companies of all sizes, including Amazon’s own workforce, will be able to access Amazon Care’s on-demand healthcare service, boosting workplace […]
  • 17 maart 2021
    Vandaag is het St Patrick’s Day in Ierland. Google undercuts Apple with new 15% revenue share for Play apps — Ars Technica “On the […]
  • 15 maart 2021
    Stripe has raised a new round of funding to accelerate momentum in Europe and reinforce enterprise leadership Stripe to bring 1,000 jobs to Ireland […]
  • 12 maart 2021
    The media startups to watch in 2021 Why Tech Breakups Could Be Good for Shareholders – The Information
  • 10 maart 2021
    “Expect to see many computer vision startups among the next generation of “unicorns.” A crop of high-growth computer vision companies is nearing an inflection […]
  • 08 maart 2021
    Uit de oude doos: dit NYT artikel over NFT’s is drie (3!) jaar oud. Will Cryptocurrencies Be the Art Market’s Next Big Thing? “The […]
  • 05 maart 2021
    The number of global regulators investigating Apple’s App Store rules is growing. The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority announced a probe on Thursday, citing complaints that […]
  • 04 maart 2021
    Facebook’s $1 Billion Kustomer Acquisition Faces Extensive Antitrust Review – The Information Facebook says it is buying Kustomer to support its growing e-commerce business […]
  • 03 maart 2021
    Charting a course towards a more privacy-first web — Googleblog People shouldn’t have to accept being tracked across the web in order to get […]
  • 26 februari 2021
    NFT’s? Non-fungible tokens… “… create proofs of authenticity for digital content that can be owned, bought, sold and traded. Because these tokens are stored […]
  • 25 februari 2021
    How Measuring and Reducing Emissions Has Become Its Own Business — BNN Bloomberg Watershed Technology Inc., which said Wednesday it has raised funding from […]
  • 24 februari 2021
    The Clubhouse App and the Rise of Oral Psychodynamics “In oral psychodynamics, the conversational, formulaic styling dominates (which aides memory) as well as back-and-forth, […]
  • 22 februari 2021
    Former Paypal founder Max Levchin is bringing another payment behemoth to the public markets. — The Generalist Affirm: hoe werkt het Buy Now Pay […]