Media Ondernemen

20 oktober 2020

30 Companies Defining the Future of Media & Pop Culture —

De formule voor The Atlantic is eenvoudig: “We’re too small to do anything but the biggest things.” en ook “Their new formula became a roadmap for how to revitalize a print media operation: break down the wall between digital and print ad sales, cut costs, pump out more web traffic, and build a reliably money-generating events business. In 2010, the Atlantic began turning a modest annual profit.” — Digimedia

A collection of tools to empower journalists to do their work more efficiently, creatively, and securely — Google Journalist Studio

An aggressive Bitcoin trade got crypto VC shop Paradigm flying out of the gate. But Fred Ehrsam and Matt Huang aim to do more than just generate outsized returns for their blue-blooded backers — they want to take alt-currencies into finance’s mainstream. — Forbes