27 oktober 2020

Chamath Palihapitiya shares 5 sectors shaping his long-term investment playbook:

Here’s where his focus lies:

  1. E-commerce — “Well, people are going to be buying things,” he said. “So they’re probably going to be buying things online. So e-commerce consumption, that’s a big category that will win.”
  2. Healthcare — “Whether rates are minus five or plus five people need to care about healthcare, right?” he said.
  3. Education — “We probably want to have a reasonable way of equipping ourselves with skills and education. So that’s another big category,” he said. 
  4. Sustainable energy — “We’re probably going to need to have clean, sustainable energy,” he said. 
  5. Alternative assets — Then, to hedge these different exposures, Palihapitiya said, “You need some kind of like alternative asset category.”

Spin-off van Alibaba wordt de grootste IPO ooit.

Ant Group Co Ltd is poised to raise up to $34.4 billion in the world’s largest stock market debut as investors rush to buy into the fast-growing Chinese fintech giant despite risks of greater scrutiny at home and abroad.” —

Alibaba was zelf ooit de grootste IPO, maar is ondertussen voorbijgestoken door Saudi Aramco en binnenkort door Ant Group.