Media Ondernemen

02 december 2020

Salesforce koopt Slack — Business Insider

Libra wordt Diem. — TechCrunch
“In an attempt to appease financial regulators around the world, the association shifted its strategy away from creating a global stablecoin and will instead launch multiple stablecoins, each tied to a different fiat currency (such as the U.S. dollar and the euro).”

Syfted on Jeff

“There are two types of entrepreneurs in this world, according to Jeff cofounder and chief executive Eloi Gómez: those with an idea, and those without one. “

“The startup offers would-be entrepreneurs the chance to launch their own business across four verticals – laundrettes, fitness clubs, beauty salons and massage studios – in exchange for an average initial investment of €50,000 and monthly fee of €400.”

Amazon boasts of ‘biggest holiday season’ ever as in-store shopping plummets – The Verge