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07 december 2020

Is Hopin echt 2.1 mia EUR waard? – Sifted

“Hopin has the market, product and opportunity to become a hugely successful business. Given its unprecedented growth rates, investors felt confident that it would grow into its valuation rapidly.”

‘It’s a silent epidemic’: Mental health in newsrooms needs more attention — Digiday

“In April, Crowley surveyed 130 journalists from a range of media companies globally and published the results in a report in November. In the report, 64% of respondents said they hadn’t had any positive work experiences during lockdowns, and 77% said that they had experienced work-related stress. A total 59% said they had experienced moments of feeling depressed or anxious. When asked about their work-from-home conditions, 87% said they felt their employer should be responsible, or somewhat responsible, for their conditions of work.”

How Microsoft crushed Slack — Platformer

Fundraising takes a really, really long time! Accept it, prepare well, and have contingency plans: 5 myths you shouldn’t believe about fundraisingSifted

All The Ways To Make Money In Media Without Ads — Medium