Ondernemen Technologie

25 februari 2021

How Measuring and Reducing Emissions Has Become Its Own Business — BNN Bloomberg

Watershed Technology Inc., which said Wednesday it has raised funding from Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins and Laurene Powell Jobs, has built a software tool that lets customers such as mobile payment firm Square Inc., e-commerce platform Shopify Inc., and salad chain Sweetgreen Inc. make sense of their own and their suppliers’ emissions. It also shows companies which decisions they could make to most drastically change their carbon footprint.

Watershed’s tool has three goals: Let companies measure their impact, make plans to reduce it, and make reports on progress.

10 Breakthrough technologies — MIT Technology Review

For the last 20 years, MIT Technology Review has compiled an annual selection of the year’s most important technologies.

MIT unveiled this year’s list:

  • Messenger RNA vaccines. 
  • GPT-3. 
  • TikTok recommendation algorithms. 
  • Lithium-metal batteries. 
  • Data trusts. A data trust is a legal entity that collects and manages people’s personal data on their behalf. 
  • Green hydrogen. 
  • Digital contact tracing. 
  • Hyper-accurate positioning. 
  • Remote everything. 
  • Multi-skilled AI. 

A data trust that is set up as a fiduciary for the data providers could make it much easier for firms to safely share data by instituting a new way for governing the collection, processing, access, and utilization of the data. That legal and governance setup obliges the data trust administrators (the “fiduciaries”) to represent and prioritize the rights and benefits of the data providers when negotiating and contracting access to their data for use by data consumers, such as other private companies and organizations. — HBR

Club Brugge werkt aan een beursgang – Tijd

Spotify’s plan to monetize podcasts, explained — The Hussle

Spotify’s “Stream On” highlighted 3 advertising developments:

  • Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI): A service that provides Facebook-like targeting of ads of Spotify-exclusive content.
  • Spotify Ad Studio: A tool for advertisers to make self-serve audio ads.
  • Spotify Audience Network: This service is still in its early days but it will allow advertisers to target specific users instead of targeting a specific show.

Coinbase and Stripe Valued Above $100B — Morning Brew