Ondernemen Technologie

26 januari 2021

Ook Datavillage springt op de Solid trein. – De Tijd en “With a user-centric approach like Datavillage, organisations don’t need to spend as much time and money trying to comply with GDPR and other privacy policies.” Income Share Agreements: de bekendste school met een ISA business model is LambdaSchool – “The online coding school […]


27 December 2020

Facebook Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet) — Medium Generation Z: “They want end-to-end encryption, they don’t want to be tracked, they’re afraid of online bullying and hate speech, and they don’t like ads.” Millennials: “Expect Millennials to abandon Facebook in vast numbers as soon as a viable contender emerges. In the meantime, […]


17 december 2020

Amazon wants to provide medical care to workers at major companies. Amazon Care. — Business Insider Apple vs Facebook met als inzet privacy van de gebruikers. Facebook took out full-page ads in newspapers like The New York Times blasting part of Apple’s new software update, which will make it more difficult for Facebook to target users […]