Media Technologie

01 december 2020

Social media companies all starting to look the same. — Axios “Tech platforms used to focus on ways to create wildly different products to attract audiences. Today, they all have similar features, and instead differentiate themselves with their philosophies, values and use cases.” Facebook News to launch in U.K. in January: “Facebook said Monday that […]

Ondernemen Technologie

29 oktober 2020

Apple bouwt een eigen zoekmachine — Business Insider “Google has described losing the Apple deal as a “code red” scenario, the DOJ lawsuit, filed October 20, claimed. The deal brings in around half of Google’s US site traffic, the DOJ said – and as much as 20% of Apple’s profit.” Politieke campagnes en TikTok: “”Youth activism […]

Media Ondernemen

07 oktober 2020

House Democrats said Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have monopoly power that gives them unfair market advantages and proposed sweeping changes. — Business Insider Claudia Conway toont aan dat politici op TikTok aanwezig zouden moeten zijn. — Business Indsider Apple stopt met de verkoop van Bose en Sonos producten. Piëch Automotive plant grote sprong voorwaarts […]